Damaged Items

Damaged Items

  • Damage claims must be reported to our office within five (5) days of the receipt of order. In the event of a claim, you must save all ORIGINAL packaging materials. Freight damage must be held up to 90 days per carrier or until claim is resolved. Repairs may be made locally if a quote for repairs is approved by AGH prior to repairs being made. No returns or damaged merchandise will be accepted without a Return Authorization issued by AGH customer service department.

    In our continuing effort to be as cost conscious and environmentally friendly as possible, Aidan Gray personnel inspect all products during production and before packaging so that we do not ship products from abroad to you, wasting natural resources and fuel, not to mention time and money. However; occasionally, something may get by us. In addition, the use of reclaimed lumber and materials may pass our inspection criteria, but may not meet your expectations. Many of our products have inherent qualities that are characteristic of old woods that have had previous lives. All of our publications carry detailed disclaimers about what to expect in any given product. It is the customer’s responsibility to clearly understand our grading standards around our products. In addition, damage may happen during shipping, but may be repairable with a simple touch up. Aidan Gray reserves the right to repair or replace the product at our discretion based on images supplied. We will first attempt to repair any product in place to ensure that we are bringing any issue to the most environmentally friendly resolution possible. We hope that our approach to conservation is acceptable to you as we extend our resources as broadly as possible. Should we be unable to restore a product to our guidelines, we will replace the product if available.

  • We require a minimum of three (3) pictures to be submitted with your claim: Please note not including photos will delay the processing of your claim.

    1. A clear photo of either the product sticker or the carton label.
    2. A photo of the overall piece
    3. A close up photo of the damage or damages

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